The 2nd Webinar was held

MbSC2030 and Tokyo College co-hosted the second webinar titled “Why we need decentralized technologies for our future?”, focusing on understanding the concept of Web3 from both the perspectives of decentralized autonomous thought and cryptography.


The webinar featured Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of the Web3 Foundation, as the speaker, and Professor Kenichi Ueda, Director of the Center for Advanced Research in Finance (CARF) at the University of Tokyo, as the commentator. The event was attended by over 230 participants from both Japan and abroad.


Dr. Wood began by discussing the various risks (especially those related to security and privacy) that arise from building societal trust on centralized entities such as governments and corporations. He then emphasized the importance of using cryptographic technology to create a more decentralized and autonomous form of trust as a means to address these risks. Meanwhile, Professor Ueda offered his views on how such decentralized autonomous trust is related to economic thoughts like libertarianism.


In the subsequent Q&A session, questions covering a wide range of topics, from conceptual to technological aspects, were raised by the participants.


We hope this webinar has served as an opportunity for all attendees to deepen their interest in the world of Web3.

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