Misk/MbSC2030 Sustainable Energy System Traineeship Program

MbSC2030 announced the release of the first intensive online seminar in “Sustainable Energy Systems” collaborating with MiSK Foundation to educate Saudi students and researchers who have a related degree or experience in Energy, Mechanical, Electrical, Engine Engineering, and Economy.

The program will take place on the 11th of July for 5 days. Focuses on Sustainable Energy potentials, applications, and its future. The main topics are “The Potential of Solar Energy”, “Nuclear Energy”, “Renewable Hydrogen”, and “Future Energy Scenarios”. 

The seminar guest speakers are from Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr. Go Tejima, from Nissan Motor Co,. Ltd Mr. Masaharu Hatano and from The Institute of Energy Economics Japan, Mr. Masakazu Toyoda.


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